Mastercraft Trampolines

Quality Trampoline Construction

Our trampoline frames are made of heavy 13-gauge high tensile strength galvanized steel. (Beware of imports that use 15, 16, and even 17-gauge steel – as that breaks easily.) Our frames consist of only 8 or 10 pieces that telescope tightly together without screws, nuts or bolts, unlike the 50 or so parts and pieces needed for import "trampolines in a box" that end up squeaking and collapsing. Those trampolines usually use the short 5" or 7" springs to save on shipping weight, while all Mastercraft Trampolines use full 8.5" tapered long lasting zinc coated springs for the biggest bounce.

All of our Trampoline Mats have a Sunguard. This is a piece of blue webbing sewn over the stitching so threads won’t rot. This also makes a great reference point for the user as it indicates the exact location of the edge of the mat.

Our Trampoline Safety Pads are made of heavy, certified lead free heavy duty leather like vinyl. They cover the springs and frame of the trampoline. We use only high density closed cell foam which won't absorb water.

Optional trampoline covers prolong the life of the trampoline by shielding from U.V. degradation, leaves, etc., and snap over the trampoline like a fitted bedsheet.

"We bought the trampoline from you about 30 years ago. It has been well used and well worth what we gave for it."
D. Heinsohn

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